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About Us


About us.

The two leading Printing Companies in Cyprus, Printco Press and Cassoulides Masterprinters, merged their operations starting January 1st ,2019 to form PRINTCO CASSOULIDES MASTERPRINTERS. The historic and prominent Printers with tradition in the business and vast experience are expected, to mark a new era in the local printing industry. Sustainability, innovation quality and service are few of the inherited values of PRINTCO CASSOULIDES MASTERPRINTERS.
Cassoulides Masterprinters was founded in 1924 and is now the leader the field of professional high-quality printing. With state-of-the-art equipment and a wide range of printing options is an innovative business, which continuous to evolve.
Printco Press was founded in 1959 to meet the growing needs in the field of high printing volume. Its development has been rapid and its equipment has come to cover a wide range of work in the printing of newspapers, magazines, books and publications. Printco Press is accredited with an ISO 9001 quality management system.
At a time when the printing industry worldwide is facing new challenges and requirements for specialized publications are on the rise, the two printing companies joined forces to meet those challenges and pave their way to a brighter and prosperous future.



We are the first Certified Printing Company in Cyprus!

Printco Cassoulides has been certified by Mellow Color as an ISO12647-2 printing company.

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Also, our company is included in the list of Mellow Color ISO certified printers on the Mellow Color website.
Details of the certification are available at:

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Proud certified for
ISO 12647-2 Colour Quality Systems
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